Sonu Sood has airlifted 177 girls trapped in Kerala, delivered home!

Sonu Sood has airlifted 177 girls trapped in Kerala, delivered home!
Actor Sonu Sood, who won the hearts of people by helping migrant workers, has now helped 177 girls of Kerala (Kerala) by getting them airlifted.

Mumbai. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has stood up to help the needy in this difficult time. His good works have earned tremendous praise on social media. He has taken many migrant workers trapped in Maharashtra to their homes. To help them, Sonu has taken permission from the state governments along with the provision of buses and food items. At the same time, there are reports that Sonu has done another such work recently, after which he will be called a real life hero. They have got 177 girls airlift trapped in a factory in Kerala (Kerala).

It is being told that 177 girls working in a factory in Kerala were trapped here due to the lockdown. At the same time, according to an India Today report, a source close to Sonu Sood himself has spoken in this matter. He told that Sonu was informed by a friend living in Bhubaneswar about the girls being trapped. After which the actor decided to help him. Sonu took many permission from the government for this. So that the Kochi and Bhubaneswar airports can be opened.

It has been told in this report that a special aircraft was ordered from Bengaluru to get these girls an air lift. After which these girls were taken to their respective families in Bhubaneswar. Sonu is getting a lot of praise for this work.

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